Eric Thomas Maguire

Designer of things on screens

Hi There, my name is Eric Maguire and I design, build and create things on the internet. Most recently I was a product designer at Twitter inc. on both the Growth and Revenue teams. In the past I Co-founded (acquired by Twitter) and was Senior UI Designer at Mochi Media.

I've worked with some awesome people like Paul Stamatiou, Wayne Fan, Eric Florenzano, Bob Ippolito, Leah Culver and Sebastien Deux on some pretty cool projects. I was also a part of the Winter 2011 and Summer 2011 Y Combinator classes.

You can find me on the internet on various sites: My Twitter account, mostly random conversations with friends and colleagues and the occasional shared link. My Instagram account which is mostly pictures of my son and my girlfriend (you've been warned) and my LinkedIn profile if you are into that sort of thing.

My portfolio is currently offline but can be shared if requested. Oh and you can reach me at etmaguire at

Thank you!